Friday, May 20, 2011

Pocoyize me!

Hahahaha!! Try to search the Pocoyo cartoon on Youtube.

Anyway, big plans coming for a new face-lift on my blog. Gonna do it the Bisdak-way... Hahahaha!!!

Watch out for it soon...

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Just Got Back!


Goodness!!! It's been awhile that I haven't posted something here. LOL! 2 months is a lot of time and yeah, lots of stuffs too. But to be honest, got fed up for awhile. I didn't even touch my camera for almost a month. tsk3

Well, anyway, gonna post some shots I took yesterday at Portofino Beach Resort. I went there with my grade school batch mates for an outing. And man, it was scary! We heard the news about the tsunami stuff in Japan and reports saying it will hit Philippines. I was alarmed but I know it won't affect Cebu. It's in the center, so, neighboring islands will certainly block some waves if ever. (That's how I thought so. hahaahaha!!)

But still, precautions shouldn't be ignored. But so far, everything went well. And at the same time, I empathize the serious devastation Japan has experienced. There are things in this world that are way beyond our control. So, I deeply pray for them and for God to uplift them in this time of trouble.

Going back, here are the pictures...

Click here for more pictures: Just Got Back!

Monday, January 17, 2011

A Perfect Point For Light Trails

I'm no pro. This is all for fun and love ya'll. hahahaha!!

I was just taking advantage of the sweet spot I was in. LOL

I'm on the 33rd floor of the Crown Regency Hotel (Fuente). It was night time. The Fuente circle was packed with people. And cars were starting to get in. And traffic has emerged. And it's perfect!

I grabbed my tripod, I opened the window outside and placed my tripod on small flooring available. I placed my camera on top and its sling on my neck. My head was literally outside the window with one arm outside gripping one leg of the tripod just to make sure neither of my two equipments would fall off. waaaa! And if you were looking at me outside, you would see me like a guy imprisoned trying to escape on the very tight opening. haha.

Then I setup the camera in manual mode as I've been told by a friend of mine to use the longest shutter speed and the highest number on aperture. Everything was in a go. Used timer for 2 seconds. Then . .  . 2 . . . 1 . . . tititk!


And I'll be back for more with my repapipz soon... hahaha!!

Our Sinulog Celebration 2011

We've booked our hotel November last year to prepare for Sinulog. We were lucky! haha

All hotels in Cebu are fully booked. That's how massive the Sinulog Festival is.

Anyway, our family spent the whole day just inside the hotel. The weather was unfriendly spitting rain all over the metropolitan. And at the same time, don't want to go out and get wet. Don't wanna be sick for very special reasons. nyahahaha!!!

So, we stayed in the room. Then jump one floor to another just to keep ourselves up despite the cold temperature.

Then when night came, we waited for the fireworks display in Cebu City Sports Complex. While waiting . . . haha!

Afterwhich, went to our room and have dinner. Then some photo session with Uncle Anging and Ate Ann.

Took this picture lying down the bed as the display
was on top of the hotel. haha

To see the whole album, click here: Our Sinulog Celebration 2011

Will be posting the fireworks display video later and my Night photography where I setup my tripod outside the window up in the 33rd floor. hahaha!!
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